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Every successful event is a result of dedication and hard work of a team that pays attention to every detail and needs of all the participants.

At PTG, making every event unique as we try to showcase our client’s competencies and edges is our passion and mission. We are perfectionists, artists, strategic thinkers that meticulously work behind the scene to ensure flawless implementation of our client’s objectives.

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Delivering quality service at an affordable cost

In January 2017, PTG Vietnam team organized the four-day Circle meeting in Ho Chi Minh City for our pharmaceutical company. Hosting the event of about 380 attendees at a fixed budget challenged the team to reduce cost in any way possible while keeping what’s necessary and substituting what is conditional. PTG achieved 14.5% overall savings versus the 10% agreement, saving more by negotiating a special event rate to partner venue, monitoring ticket pricing and suggesting options for accommodation.


Circle Meeting


Staff training and development

A key differentiator is our investment in our staff development, specifically working in the life sciences vertical. We have developed our own  internal training programs that cover generic business specific topics such as  privacy policy, security awareness, GDP and code of conduct however the  unique to us is our life science training programs that include;

  • Interactions with HCPs
  • The life of a drug from Discovery to Market
  • Life Sciences fundamentals
  • The need for compliance

Our M&E training courses are stored within our global ‘Knowledge Hub’ staff development portal that tracks staff participation and completion as well as individual annual performance and development goals. In addition, we partner with our customers to ensure we undertake your Compliance and Ethics training to ensure we clearly understand your policy around HCP engagements.

Enhancing customer experiences

We key customer groups (Internal stakeholders and external stakeholders) that we need to carefully manage to ensure the program is successful. As such we treat differently as they have different needs and requirements.

We define Internal stakeholders as our client’s staff or teams who own the budget or attend any their internal meetings. We know how important it is that these staffs have a positive experience when attending or managing a meeting as this will have a direct impact on program adoption and support.

At the same time, we know how important your external stakeholders are to you and the role they play in supporting your vision. We want to ensure these stakeholders actively engage with you through the events we deliver and more importantly want to attend again.

Our quality of work

Here is the feedback from our team about the team building trip as follows:

– Design of team building activities: Excellent

– Facilitation of the MC at team building games and Guides on the bus: Excellent

– Hotel facilities and service quality:  within our budget

– Food quality: Excellent within our budget

– Transportation arrangement: Buses are in good condition and drivers drive carefully and are very nice (much better than the ones in Hanoi)

– Overall satisfaction of the event: Excellent event! Excellent MC! Excellent team building game! Excellent guides on the buses!

To be honest, only you can help to make our event successfully. I really like your working style, customer service mindset and attitude and you always put your heart in every event that you have organized for Us. Well done and keep up your great work!!!.

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