Information security

Non-disclosure agreement

This Non Disclosure Agreement  publishes the manner in which Phat Thanh Giang Corporation  (“PTG” or “We”) collects, stores and processes personal information or data (“Personal Information”), including PTG’s Frequent Customers (“Member and VIP Member”), who access PTG’s Online Booking Tool website (Members) and other individuals using PTG’s Customer Support Center as well as PTG’s partners.

We are committed to protect Customer’s Personal Information and to use appropriate measures as to protect, at the utmost, the personal information provided by customers during the processing of this website from unauthorized accesses.

PTG reserves the right to amend the Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary, updated versions will be posted on our website with the effective date.

Article 1. Purpose of collecting The Personal Information

  • To update information about the new policies and regulations
  • To provide customers with the most updated incentive programmes and promotions;
  • To contact Members to meet their requirements ;
  • To provide services requested by Members;
  • To execute and manage the travelers’ flight bookings and ticket confirmations;
  • To ensure maximum safety during on online payment transactions;
  • To receive information, feedbacks,  , suggestions and complaints from members in order to continuously improve the service quality;
  • To manage, analyze and evaluate the flight data and information for purposes of suitable development of appropriate programmes and policies.

Article 2. Types of information collections

  • Personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, passport number or other identification (date of issue, place of issue), nationality;
  • Contact information such as phone number, mailing address, email address, facsimile number, home address, interests and other information relating to the special requirements of Members;
  • Payment information if payment by credit card or debit card such as cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date;
  • Personal information is generated automatically when Members uses the website such as IP information, cookies, website login.

Article 3. Methods of collecting Personal information

PTG will collect Personal information (refer to Article 2 of the Agreement) through our website and at our Travel Agency.

Article 4. Retaining Personal information

PTG will store Personal information provided on our internal systems during the provision of services until the collection is completed or requests for cancellation are received from the customers.

Article 5. Cancelling Personal information

  1. Cancellation procedure

The collected information will be cancelled after being retained for a certain period of time in accordance with the internal policies and the provisions of Article 4 – Retaining Personal information of the Agreement .

  1. Method of cancellation

Personal information printed on paper will be destroyed by means of paper shredder  or by burning, and Personal information stored electronically will be destroyed by appropriate electronic means to ensure they can not be restored after cancellation.

Article 6. Customer’s right to Personal information

  • Viewing, editing, adding or copying Personal information by logging into the PTG website;
  • Requesting to stop collecting Personal information;
  • Requesting to cancel the collected Personal information;

Article 7. Personal information of children

PTG collects and uses Personal information of children under the age of 14 with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. Children’s legal representative / guardian may request that children’s personal information can be reviewed or modified for confirmation or cancellation at our agents.

Article 8. Technical measures to protect Personal information

To ensure the safety of Personal information stolen, leakage, tampering or attacks, PTG’s technical staff will adhere to the principles of technology, management, and use of hardware as follows:

  1. The important personal information will be stored and managed in secure mode with password and limited access
  2. Measures to prevent from information to be stolen:
  • PTG will make every effort to prevent leakage, damage Personal information from the unauthorized accesses.
  • Unauthorized access control from outside will be disconnected
  1. Minimize the number of employees in the management of Personal information.
  2. Build a specialized team to protect -Personal information.

This Non-Disclosure Agreement is updated on 01 Jan 2017.


  1. Customers can make payments by selecting by one of the forms provided in the Booking Confirmation or hereinafter called “Booking”. Phat Thanh Giang Corporation (hereinafter called “PTG Travel” or “PTG” or “We” applies flexible payment forms depending on the airlines conditions (traditional or budget airlines). A method of payment is also subject to airline policies as well as other Reservation details.
  2. Customers can choose one of the following payment forms:
  • By credit card (Visa/Master) through the Onepay connection
  • An online form of payment
  • By bank transfer to PTG bank account
  • By cash (at PTG Travel Agency and any affiliated networks, if any)

All payments made to the PTG’s account based on the bank working time. PTG only confirms the booked  tickets have been paid and issues the confirmed tickets upon receipt of payments.

  1. In the event the Airline changes the ticketing time, we reserve the right to abide by the ticketing time  of Airlines. In this case, we will promptly notify the travelers. If the traveler(s) does not agree with new ticketing time, the traveler has the right to cancel the Booking. Failures to pay prior to ticketing deadline also means that the traveler automatically agrees  with the booking cancellations
  2. For Visa/Master Card payment, transfer via ATM Card, tickets can only be issued after notifications of credit are received from the Bank and Onepay

Tickets which are booked and paid outside the working time will be processed on the next business day.

Flight time (less than 24 hours from the estimated time of departure) please call 1900 0057 PTG for best support.

Reservations are not paid on well in advance of the deadlines, the reservation will be automatically canceled.