Virtual Meeting / Online meeting

At PTG, we are proving virtual meetings and events services through the online platform. As technology is a great alternative solution, so it is making connections between in-country and abroad audiences easier as well as improving the interaction between multiple-point video conferencing.

PTG could help you with all technology solutions, enabling us to confidently customize your virtual meetings and events based on each type of event theme. PTG also assists you with the solutions of Audio/Visual, Lighting, Webcasting, and Interaction in survey/poll applications as well as the solutions for any other digital tools which much help your event be most successful and memorable.


     For key services, we provide:

  • Webinar’s well-train and professional technical team.
  • Lighting, Projection and Visual best-in-class
  • Audio and Video
  • Events theme and C&P
  • Webcasting, Audience Polling, Livestream etc…Social Media

Would you need a better technology solution for your virtual meetings and events?

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