4,April 2023

What to Anticipate for Corporate Travel in 2023: 4 Emerging Trends

Nobody can predict exactly what the travel industry will look like in 2023, but when post-pandemic travel continued through 2022, we noticed trends emerging. The following four corporate travel habits are predicted to grow in 2023:


Growth of Leisure Travel

Leisure travel is one of the most liked business travel patterns that has grown in popularity in recent years. Even though this idea was around before the epidemic, it was used mostly after the pandemic for the benefit of businesses and employees.

In the last year, 37% of American travelers prolonged their vacations for pleasure. Also, 81% remained in the same location for both work and pleasure, according to a GBTA poll.

As a result, the corporate travel sector is adopting this mix of “work travel” and “leisure time” as the new standard. Because of the outbreak, fewer tourists traveled for pleasure in the previous two years (2020–2022). Therefore, since people look forward to resting and sightseeing instead of simply working on their business travels, this tendency will grow in 2023.


Rules Allowing for Remote Work Become Common

The pandemic’s workplace closures have taught many firms that it is feasible to operate a business while employees work virtually. Therefore, many of them changed their rules and now let travelers become digital nomads. While not all job roles lend themselves to working remotely, there are nations like Costa Rica, Georgia, Croatia, Germany, and others that have developed programs and rewards to entice digital professionals to establish a short base there for a month or longer.

The demand for group business travel seems to be another result of virtual workers. Because they lack the traditional “water cooler” business experience, team meetings and retreats allow coworkers to connect and reinforce relationships. Corporate travel programs are expected to gain popularity because of their ability to inspire teams, boost employee morale, foster corporate loyalty, and unleash innovation.


Sustainable Corporate Travel Will Receive More Attention

The word “sustainability” is no longer trendy. According to International Energy Agency estimates and trends regarding work travel, emissions of greenhouse gases are expected to reach record highs in 2023. Furthermore, these patterns have the potential to have disastrous effects if they persist over the coming seasons. One of the main causes of corporate carbon pollution is travel for business.

To lessen the carbon impact, businesses must take sustainable business travel strategies into account. Employees today have a greater understanding of the climate disaster and the greenhouse effect, and they want to work for businesses that use sustainable business strategies.

Low-carbon travel trends will therefore receive greater attention in 2023.


Price Increases for Hotels and Flights

Business travel, conferences, and seminars are all extremely popular once again. The last two months of 2022 and the entire year of 2023 are likely to see a rise in transportation regions worldwide, according to corporate travel statistics and estimates for 2023. The causes are, among other things, increasing fuel costs, inflation, and a shortage of workers.

By 2023, the GBTA predicts that hotel costs will increase by 8.2%, airfares by 8.4%, and vehicle rental costs by 6.3%. As a result of the universal reopening of borders and the rising cost of aviation fuel, demand for airline travel has increased. Furthermore, as the tourism industry recovers, hotel prices will rise globally in 2023 and in the years ahead.