7,September 2019


I’m Minh Ha, Head of Account Management of PTG, as exclusive partner  BCD Vietnam. I would like to feature some of the key business as becoming more & more competitive in Vietnam, successful agencies are those that can adapt & response to the increasing requirement by their corporate clients.

PTG being among the leading Agencies in Vietnam driving the travel logistics and M&E industry in accordance with a global trend, PTG has gone through tough bidding processes, proving our capabilities, showing our detailed compliance in measurable savings, transparency, strict processes.

With some specific clients, we assist the implementation and the arrangement of administrative jobs onsite with full-time employees at their office, we are confident to have the expertise to provide all the request.

Our senior team is now more confident to support & implement the travel, the meeting & events program covering venue sourcing, catering & meeting registration, meeting package & events with coverage from 20 to 35 provinces in the country.

It is a big challenge for our staff to both satisfy high requirements from all department of our clients, solve issues relating to changing a plan but still comply with all our clients process/policy.

To counter these challenges, we pilot programs in key cities before we can be confident to provide meeting event services in smaller cities. We designed separate processes for this services to match the circumstances.

We have seen that for service skills to improve, new processes need to be strict. As a solution PTG & Clients have frequent meetings, made actionable plans in reviewing with teams to get feedback & discuss of improving plans for both sides with constructive manner. For every feedback from procurement to commercial we are very quick to work out the root cause to timely solve it, not delay till review, therefore we have seen the solid growth of our team skills in providing services.

In 2019 we expect for doing better, we need the Strong support from the staff to have solutions timely for an action plan, we will enhance the quality of services to see the clear picture of the development. PTG VN Team as the exclusive partnership with BCD  benefit the entire industry as we are moving & doing the field works in more professional, structure & well- defined manners. The BCD Global Team consisting of leading experienced experts in the industry have supported, managed PTG VN to lead us more professional and well structured successful levels in 2019 and in the coming years