23,February 2023

How Today’s Event Planners Use Creativity To Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Every event planner understands that creativity and innovation are key to their success. As event professionals, you recognize that putting on events with outdated themes, designs, menus, and aesthetics is an absolute no-no. You do your best to always pitch the latest event elements to impress your clients and wow your event guests.

But how can you keep up with all the events industry trends ongoing? And how can you be sure the event ideas you’re working with are the most cutting-edge and trendsetting? Keep reading. We’ll share a shortlist of resources you can tap into to keep your event planning finger on the pulse of what clients and attendees want most from their experiences.


Talking to Clients and Prospects About Event Trends


When you’re brainstorming new ideas for an upcoming event or conference, talk with your clients. It’s always a reliable and great place to start. There can be incredible inspiration from those client conversations. And you might hear about a new trend you wouldn’t have heard about elsewhere. Your clients might not be event aficionados like you. However, it’s important to remember that brilliant new ideas for designs, breakout sessions, stage presentations, menus, and themes can come from anywhere.


Diversify services


An event company can diversify its services by offering a wider range of events, such as virtual events, experiential marketing, and brand activation. This allows the company to tap into new markets and revenue streams, as well as stay relevant in the industry.


Partnership and collaboration


An event company can explore partnerships and collaborations with other companies and organizations, such as technology providers, production companies, and venues. This can help to expand the company’s reach and offer new and unique experiences to clients.


Embrace technology


An event company can leverage technology to enhance the event experience and create new opportunities for growth. This can include incorporating virtual and augmented reality into events, using social media and live streaming to expand the reach of an event, and using data and analytics to measure the success of events and make data-driven decisions.


Innovative Event Concept


An event company can be more creative in growth by thinking outside the box and come up with innovative event concepts that cater to the new market trends, such as hybrid events, sustainable events and virtual events.


Focus on customer experience


An event company can focus on providing exceptional customer service and creating personalized, memorable experiences for clients. This can help to build strong, long-term relationships with clients and increase repeat business.

Adapt to new market trends


An event company should always be aware of new market trends and adapt its services accordingly. This can include changes in technology, consumer behavior, and industry regulations.

Market Expansion


An event company should explore new geographical markets to expand its business reach and find new clients.

Overall, an event company or agency can become more creative in growth by diversifying its services, embracing technology, focusing on customer experience, adapting to new market trends, exploring new geographical markets and collaborating with other companies.



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