22,October 2023

Creative Approaches to Incentivizing and Rewarding Loyal Clients


Loyal clients are invaluable assets for any travel management company. Finding creative ways to recognize and reward your best customers can help deepen relationships and promote continued engagement. Here are some innovative approaches to consider:


  VIP Event Experiences 


Offering loyal client representatives access to exclusive networking events, galas or experiential activities can make them feel valued. Things like backstage passes, luxury suite access, or pre-event receptions catered to top accounts show you care about providing unique privileges. These memorable incentives become talking points even after the event.


  Customized Travel Perks


Surprise repeat corporate clients by unlocking customized travel perks based on preferences and habits data from their booking history. For example, late risers can get guaranteed late check-out, frequent breakfast eaters can get complimentary daily breakfast, and so on. These personalized frictionless experiences delight.


  Points-Based Rewards Programs


A points system similar to airline mileage programs allows you to reward client spend and loyalty. Clients can accumulate points towards free travel, upgrades, donations to charities, gift cards, and other redemptions. Gamifying incentives taps into satisfaction.


  Client Appreciation Events 


Showing gratitude in person with special client appreciation dinners, receptions, or experiences makes loyal customers feel acknowledged. It’s a chance to celebrate them with a memorable night out on you.


  Promotional Partnerships


Strategic partnerships with other travel companies allow you to expand your incentive options. Negotiate deals so clients can redeem points for cruises, resort credit, entertainment events, luxury retail and other exciting options from trusted brands.


Recognizing and surprising loyal accounts requires knowing their preferences and being creative. But the investment pays dividends in mutually beneficial long-term relationships. How will you reward your VIPs?