6,March 2023

Creating the Wow! factor in corporate events and business

The Wow effect in corporate events


Generating the WOW! Factor in corporate events is quintessential to your client’s satisfaction. Whatever added value you can bring to the table makes your event stand out from the crowd and brings high satisfaction to your clients. Put aside the famous four P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and make way for our three new P’s: People Passion and Purpose

Exactly, you have to think in a marketing strategy focused on our public and their emotions. The idea is to create a unique and significant experience to the client, it becomes an actor, not a mere spectator, and especially that the client doesn’t forget what he lived during the event.



The magic of Events is that allowing us to let our creativity fly, at the time to define the actions we are going to perform, inside our marketing or communication strategy. But before, we must understand what the objective of our event is, so we can plan a good strategic planning and getting the desired result.

It isn’t work if we organize an event without fix an objective or a goal, just for pure dynamism and wait “let see what it happen and pray because it’s ok”. It is important to point that an event can develop in an optimal way, but what is the sense to organize an event and don’t leave a trace on the assistants’ minds? Nor cause any type of impact or effect?

Ultimately, you have to develop the event keeping a strategy in order to our targets set and under a good planning during all the process. I mean, pre, during, and post event.

Which are the necessary requirements? Letting fly our imagination, being creative, creating an interactive and different event, and having between our objectives to achieve the WOW Factor are essential keys


1. The Definition of WOW: Let’s start with our comment about a WOW experience. To paraphrase, creating a WOW experience is not about doing anything extraordinary. It’s about delivering the basics consistently. Exactly! If you believe that WOW is about a consistent over-the-top experience, you will quickly find it’s impossible to deliver. Instead, as I mentioned above, focus on consistency in being better than average.

2. WOW Applies to All Industries: WOW is just as important for B2B as it is for B2C. Many people make the mistake of thinking this applies only to retail, hospitality, etc. Even if you’re in the B2B industry, customer experience matters. Decision makers (your customers) are likely to compare you to the best customer experiences they have had from any type of business. Not just another B2B. This is a big shift in the mindset of the customer. The rock stars in the retail and hospitality industries are setting the expectations of your customers in the B2B industries.

3. Getting the C-Suite to Invest: Are you looking to get funding for your new customer service training program? Or a new software solution for your support center? In order to get the attention of the C-Suite, you need to speak their language, which typically is dollars and cents. They love numbers and they want to know the ROI. Without it, you’re probably not going to make a compelling case that gets them to take action or invest in your proposition.

4. WOW Results in Repeat Business: Delivering a WOW experience can result in a 12-58% increase in the customer’s intent to repurchase. It’s one thing to get a customer to do business with you. It’s another to get them to come back. What will it cost to deliver a better experience? Once you know that number, and you see how it fits in with the numbers related to repeat business, you’ll start to understand the ROI of delivering that higher level of service.

5. Measuring Customer Sentiment: We say, “An attitude is a cognitive expression of an experience. By the time companies can measure attitude, they are already looking at the rearview mirror, unable to change the experience.” I’m okay with finding out what customers thought about their recent experiences. That’s important. Are they happy? Are they likely to recommend us? It’s a history lesson that you can learn from. But even more important, I want to understand their behavior, which is about whether or not the customer will come back.


Let’s end with a quote that sums up what great customer-focused organizations do when designing the best experience possible for their customers. We say, “Put your business processes in the eyes of the customers before looking at it through the eyes of your bottom line.”